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My eye is constantly scanning for graphic images from my surroundings, objects, nature, food … patterns spring up in the most unexpected places.  I am inspired by texture, colour organic form  and usually have a camera handy to capture that moment or jot down ideas for later. Armed with these ideas and more research my designs usually go from sketch to digital modelling to print. The patterns I see usually prompt the target market, be it soft furnishings, swimwear or stationery, and naturally some designs suit several markets.  I am also interested in your point of view and how that could influence and enhance my design.

My Background

Backed by a Diploma in Graphic Art and more recently exploring the immense scope of digital design, I am driven by strong composition, colour and image which can be scaled for various uses and effect. I enjoy interpreting trend forecasts into fresh seasonal prints as well as establishing strong timeless designs. My inspiration is fed by the wondrous seasons of my home in Central Otago, together with a keen interest in photography, nature and the network of artist/design community of the world.  I would welcome your thoughts.

Mary Strachan

  ” Mary’s work captured the essence of my world, she recognised my style and was able to come up with a design to fit and complement my decor.  I felt that she really tried to understand my influences and worked with me to make sure pattern and colour were just right. ”

Karen Reid, Arrowtown Old Fashioned Costume Photography

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Recent News

  • Thistle & Dandelion

    Thistle & Dandelion

    My latest design for wallpaper is based on thistle and dandelion, in a muted palette. The category theme for this design was "Reworked Classics" for the MIID Summer School Challenge and I used familiar motifs with a new twist. I used a cut out effect to give a lacey effect without being lace.

  • Dusky Safari

    Dusky Safari

    A new colourway for Jungle Safari was requested by a client, and these warm earthy tones  spiced up with berry and caramel helinconias turned out great!  It was printed in a linen/cotton blend for drapes and cushions in the guest bedroom.  

  • Calaveras Bouquet

    Calaveras Bouquet

    Calaveras is the Mexican name for sugar skulls, used in their Day of the Dead celebrations, which Catholics also keep as All Souls Day.  My design entry for this themed competition emphasized the rich colour representing the festivity of the celebration rather than making the skull imagery my focus.

  • Recent Feature

    Recent Feature

    My recent entry into Front Row Society's September challenge was designed under the theme of "Stoneage". The design features sea lily fossils, starfish and stalactites, back-dropped by our stunning local mountain range, The Remarkables. I love the ever flowing tentacles of the petrified lillies Crinoidea, giving the design movement and grace. The design adhered to a specified 13 colour palette featuring icy blues, grey and greens with highlights of warm lavender.